This information session is about Argentina LBAT program. Study for five weeks in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, including visits to Montevideo and Colonia, Uruguay, and to the Iguazu Falls.

Also known as the Paris of the South, Buenos Aires is a melting pot of Latin American and European cultures. It is one the most vibrant cultural centers of the region, and the perfect location for this program on “Culture, Democracy, and Technology in the Southern Cone.” Culture, media, and technology have taken a predominant function in reporting, questioning, and resisting anti-democratic forces, while also celebrating and analyzing one of the richest popular culture traditions in the continent—from their own rock movement and extraordinary soccer to new digital creative start-ups.

This LBAT program is geared toward developing an appreciation of the cultural importance of Argentina and Uruguay, their democratic struggles, and their critical relationship with the United States. Earn 6 semester credit hours of Spanish at the 3000 level, applicable towards a certificate, Spanish minor or ALIS, IAML or GEML major, or in partial fulfillment of the International Plan Study Abroad requirement.


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