Education Abroad

OIE's Education Abroad (EA) team supports Tech students participating in study abroad through faculty-led study abroad programs and exchange programs at partner institutions, completing international internships and/or research abroad through the Global Research and Internship Program (GRIP), applying for scholarships to support their experiences abroad, and more. The EA team supports students before, during, and after their international experiences.

International Student and Scholar Services

OIE’s International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) team offers educational resources to support globally mobile learners with understanding U.S. government nonimmigrant regulations, benefit eligibility, and access to wellness and academic resources. We serve as Designated School Officials (DSO) and Responsible Officers (ARO/RO) supporting compliance with U.S. federal regulations.

On-Campus Internationalization 

We offer a variety of programming opportunities for students, faculty, and staff on the Atlanta campus to engage with cultures, develop global competencies, and participate in meaningful intercultural learning. We encourage undergraduates to participate in the International Plan and ICEBERG, and to live in OIE’s Living Learning Communities—which prepare students to study, live, and work with others from different backgrounds.