What is the IP?

The International Plan is Georgia Tech's globally-focused degree designation, recognizing students who have committed to making global competence a core part of their GT experience. Read More

Why is global competency important?

Employers are making it clear that they are looking for graduates who are not only talented in their fields, but who can also work in diverse groups, adapt quickly to new cultures, and contribute to global expansion efforts. Through the IP, undergraduate students have the opportunity to gain significant international experience, language proficiency, and intercultural aptitude as part of their degree requirements, making them ideal candidates for competitive positions in today's global economy.

Scholarships and Funding

The IP Scholarship is now available to students participating in the International Plan who will be completing their second IP term abroad. The scholarship is meant to help offset the travel costs associated with an international experience, and students must meet all the listed requirements in order to be eligible.

2015 IP Graduate Quinn Campbell

Ready to join the IP? First, be sure to:

Confirm you’re in an eligible major.

Familiarize yourself with the requirementsunderstand how to get started from your first semester, and apply!

Follow the application deadlines:

 Aug 1—Fall priority

 Sept 1—Final Fall

 Jan 1—Spring

 May 1—Summer

Look for the decision to be sent to your primary email address that you provide in the application. 

Once you have been accepted, complete the required online orientation. Instructions will be included in your e-acceptance letter.


Apply Now


First Year and New IP Student?

Register for the IP section of GT 1000, GT’s freshman seminar. Meet other IP students, get started on your IP plans, and take part in intercultural activities. Fall and Spring sections available.

Interested? For more info, contact Colette Fournier at colette.fournier@oie.gatech.edu

Through the International Plan, Georgia Tech strives to produce graduates who are globally competent, particularly in the context of their major. Students are encouraged to join the program as early as possible (freshman year) in order to be able to maximize your time in the IP. To stay on track, you can do a self-audit with the checklist. Also, an individualized progress report will be emailed to you each semester. With proper planning and good advisement, the IP requirements should help you complete your degree requirements as well. If you have questions, feel free contact us at any time!

Need a refresher on IP requirements and policies? View the orientation videos at your convenience!


Congratulations to the Spring and Summer 2016 IP graduates! To see past classes, please check the IP Photo Gallery.

Alumni Map

The IP Alumni Map

IP Newsletter

IP Newsletter

The administration of the International Plan is a collaborative effort between the Office of International Education, faculty representatives from participating majors, academic advisors, and other related campus departments. Below are resources that faculty and advisors may find helpful as they work with students who are participating in the International Plan.

If your academic unit would like to become a participating major in the International Plan, please click here for more information on how to join. 

Contact Us

Your Major's IP Representative

International Plan
Colette Fournier, International Plan Advisor
Email: internationalplan@oie.gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.7475
Office Location: Savant Building Suite 211
Current and interested IP students can make an appointment here:

The School of Modern Languages
Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Website: http://www.modlangs.gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.7327
Office Location: Swann Building

Study Abroad
Office of International Education
Website: http://www.oie.gatech.edu/sa
Email: study.abroad@gatech.edu
Phone: 404.894.7475
Office Location: Savant Building Suite 211

Global Internship Program
Office of International Education
Email: globalinternships@oie.gatech.edu
Website: http://www.oie.gatech.edu/gip
Phone: 404.894.7475
Office Location: Savant Building Suite 211



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