Study Abroad at GT

Study Abroad at GT

TECHsplore, TECHsplore Summer, and iGniTe provide three unique opportunities for short-term study at GT for international students. TECHsplore and TECHsplore Summer are for non-degree seeking students, while iGniTe helps degree-seeking, first-year undergrads get a jumpstart on their education over the summer.


The TECHsplore program is designed for groups (10-25) of students from institutions outside of the U.S. to study at Georgia Tech for one semester. The program, supported by the Office of International Education and a hosting academic unit, will include a pre-arrival class to assist participants with their preparation, programs and services while they are at GIT that go beyond the standard services provided to degree-seeking GIT students.  The program will provide participants with cultural, historical, and contextual information about GIT and the United States in order to support their academic and social engagement during their semester in Atlanta.

  • The TECHsplore program is the only pathway that allows international, non-degree-seeking students to come to Georgia Tech for a semester without an exchange agreement.
  • The program is open to student groups after their home institutions have signed a contract with the Office of International Education at Georgia Tech.
  • Unfortunately, TECHsplore is not available for individual students seeking to complete a “study abroad” at Georgia Tech.

The programs costs $5000 per student and includes:
Airport pick-up and welcome reception
Pre-arrival class and support
Intercultural programs 
Excursions around Atlanta

This cost is in addition to the standard GIT cost of attendance for out-of-state students. 


ACADEMIC: Participants have the opportunity to take regular classes with other undergraduate students at a top Engineering school in the U.S.

CULTURAL: The program includes cultural activities such as sporting events, museum visits, monthly coffee hours, Atlanta city tours and more.

PRACTICAL: Through the pre-arrival class, participants will learn to navigate the administrative processes of coming to the U.S. to study.

PERSONAL: Participants will have ample opportunities to network with GIT students by engaging in activities on and off campus and by participating in clubs and organizations. 




TECHsplore Summer

TECHsplore Summer allows non-degree seeking international students with the opportunity to experience all that Georgia Tech has to offer, both academically and culturally. Students will enroll in themed based programs, taking 6-9 credits and participating in co-curricular activities that leverages the campus and local community resources.


iGniTe your Georgia Tech experience by applying to one of our First Year Summer Launch Programs! All first year summer students enter Georgia Tech for the late summer term and will participate in one of the Georgia Tech Summer Launch Programs. The Office of International Education will provide additional services to international students participating in iGniTe, serving as a guide and resource. For more information click here.


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