2018 Study Abroad Fair Website Banner

The Georgia Tech Office of International Education is excited to invite you to the annual Study Abroad Fair!

Stop by to learn more about nearly 150 international education possibilities offered at Tech. This event is a great place meet our entire team of advisors for faculty-led programs, exchange programs, global internship programs, scholarships and more. You’re bound to discover the experience that is right for you!

There will also be awesome raffle prizes (hint: luggage tags!) up for grabs for those who follow us on on instagram, facebook, twitter, &  linkedin - @GTABROAD.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to study.abroad@gatech.edu

We can’t wait to see you there!


Registration will soon open for on-campus programs to register for the 2018 Study Abroad Fair! Please complete this webform to register. If you have questions, please email: outreach@oie.gatech.edu


Registration is open! If you are student interested in volunteering to help with the fair, please complete this webform.


  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (@gtabroad) to enter! 
  • Freebies will be scattered throughout the Ballroom so move around and stop at the tables!

What can I do at the GT Study Abroad Fair?

Whether you are trying to decide on a study abroad program or are just exploring, the GT Study Abroad Fair is your chance to get information from dozens of programs and universities that offer international opportunities. We suggest walking through the fair at your leisure and visiting the exhibits. Look at the amazing photos, watch incredible videos, speak to former participants, eat some free food, and learn about interesting artifacts on display. Then be sure to pick up brochures and information on the programs and options that spark your interest!

Don't forget, Advisors will be available to speak with you about what you need to know before studying abroad.

How can I prepare for the Fair?

The most important way to prepare is to mark your calendar for October 3rd! The only way to participate is to be there.

But, for you over-achievers, here are some tips for getting the most out of your Study Abroad Fair Experience:

  • Identify Your Study Abroad Goals
    • Do you want information on a specific program, country, or region?
    • Are you interested in a Summer program, semester, or academic year abroad?
    • Maybe you're just exploring. If so, give yourself plenty of time to walk around.
  • Formulate a Plan
    • Review the list of exhibitors, check out the OIE Program Pages, and make a mental list of your "must-visit" tables.
    • Pick a time to visit the Student Center Ballroom, 11am-12:30pm are the busiest times. Plan accordingly.
  • Make Contact
    • Visit the Fair anytime between 10am and 2pm on Oct 2nd and ask representative questions about credits, classes, costs, scholarships, application deadlines, etc.
    • Talk to student volunteers available on the day of the Fair to learn first-hand what to expect from your Study Abroad experience.
    • Sign up for mailing lists and get business cards or email addresses to get more information on your favorite programs.
  • Stay in Touch
    • After you leave, use the knowledge you gained at the fair to inform your decision-making process.
    • Follow up with advisors and program coordinators to raise additional questions or concerns you may have.
    • Apply for a Study Abroad Program!
  • AE/ISYE Limerick Summer Program
  • Argentina/Brazil Summer Program
  • Art and Architecture in Greece and Italy
  • Barcelona Summer Program
  • Barcelona Fall Program
  • Building Construction in the UK Summer Program
  • Beijing/Singapore Summer Program
  • BEST Lyon Summer Program
  • BME Beijing Summer Program
  • BME Galway Summer Program
  • CEE London Summer Program
  • China Summer Program
  • Eastern Europe Summer Program
  • EU Summer Program
  • Georgia Tech Lorraine (Summer, Fall, and Spring)
  • Intensive Spanish in Spain Summer Program
  • Japan Program in Sustainable Development
  • LBAT China
  • LBAT Ecuador
  • LBAT France
  • LBAT Germany
  • LBAT Korea
  • LBAT Japan
  • LBAT Mexico
  • LBAT Peru
  • LBAT Russia
  • LBAT Senegal
  • LBAT Spain
  • Modern Architecture and the Modern City Summer Program
  • Oxford Summer Program
  • Pacific Program (Spring Semester)
  • Pura Vida Costa Rica/Cuba Study Abroad Program
  • Serve-Learn-Sustain in Spain (Spring Semester)
  • Southeast Asia Summer Program
  • More information coming soon!


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