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Humans are story tellers and those who participate on Georgia Tech study abroad programs or come from another country to study at GT are no different. Georgia Tech offers life-changing international opportunities--whether that's studying here in Atlanta, studying abroad, researching or interning abroad. The Office of International Education (OIE) seeks to enable those students to share their stories through their own personal lens through the annual Photo Contest. 

Photo Contest Submission Deadline: August 31, 2018
Please click here to submit photos.

Contest Categories:

  1. Highlight Photo (US & Abroad):
    • Choose a photo that represents the 'highlight' of your time abroad; typically a cultural experience or memorable moment.
  2. Best Landscape Photo (US & Abroad)
    • These photos highlight natural beauty found in landscapes around the world (click here for an example).
  3. Best Cityscape Photo (US & Abroad):
    • These photos highlight the charm and creativity of man-made metropolitan environments (click here for an example).
  4. Best Ramblin' Abroad Photo (US & Abroad): 
    • GA Tech logos must be shown.  These showcase Georgia Tech spirit while studying abroad (click here for an example).
  5. Best #BuzzingAbroad Photo
    • Click here for an example and to vote for your favorite by clicking the heart icon. The photo with the #buzzingabroad hashtag and the most likes will win this category.


Degree-seeking Georgia Tech Study Abroad Students or International Students who took photos as part of their international experience are eligible to submit 1 photo per category. Please note that students who studied abroad on a Non-GT program are not eligible to submit entries to the Photo Contest.

Photo Submissions

  1. Please note that only 1 photo per category will be accepted (up to a total of 4 Submissions per person) 
  2. All photo submissions must be submitted using the online form and photos/jpgs must measure at least 2400 X 3000 pixels or 3000 X 2400 pixels
    • Photos that don't match the dimensions requirement, will not be considered in the contest
    • Photos that don't match the contest category, may be moved to the appropriate category at the judge's discretion
  3. Submissions will be accepted through August 31, 2018 using the online Photo Contest Entry Form


  1. Last year's winners received North Face backpacks
  2. OIE Staff will select the winners for each category and no student can win more than one category.
  3. Then the GT Campus community will help to select the winning entries by liking their favorites on Facebook and #BuzzingAbroad favorites on Instagram.
  4. The winners will be announced during International Education Week 2018.

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