Culture Fest 2017 was a success! Each spring, Global Jackets hosts Culture Fest, a week-long celebration of internationalization and multiculturalism, with the purpose of bringing cultures from around the world to the Georgia Tech community. This year, Global Jackets partnered up with more than 10 different cultural clubs and organizations at GT to bring this event to life.

**Food Fest has been rescheduled for Monday, April 24th. We hope to see you on Tech Walkway from 11am-2pm to taste dishes from around the world.**


To kick off the week AISEC, the Caribbean Student Association, the Egyptian Student Association, and the Pakistani Student Association hosted International Game Night and Kite Festival. The kite flying was a big hit. Several families turned out with their children to learn how to fly kites. PSA did a great job with teaching both Americans and other internationals how to string the kites the traditional Pakistani way. Global Jackets served popcorn and flavored ice which paired perfectly with the warm weather and kite flying. Indoors, the game night included “Senet” which is very much like the popular kids game “Sorry” and a Caribbean version of the game “Ludo.” There were some French card games as well.

Wednesday night was filled with art, crafts, and coffee. AISEC, the African Student Association, the Egyptian Student Association, OIE, SAA, and International Spouse Group teamed up for Coffee Hour and Arts & Crafts Night. The event included more board games, Egyptian tea, and desserts from a variety of cultures. The highlight of the night was a special presentation, “Sense of Smell as a Power.” A student and his spouse blended chemistry and art by concentrating samples of various scents in the Atlanta area. Then, they tested the audience to see if they could pair scents in a blind test. Their project discussed how much reliance we put on other senses, but smell has a unique and powerful nature all its own.

The Egyptian Student Association showed the film The Square on Thursday night. The movie illustrates the Egyptian revolution and protests from 2011-2013 in Tahrir Square. The documentary has received a lot of recognition for the quality of the film’s content and design. Global Jackets and Egyptian Student Association used the film to start a discussion about the role of social media in telling stories and mobilizing large groups of people. They also discussed religion and politics and how to unite many varying groups under a common cause.


On Friday the Language Institute hosted a Language Café, where students from all over the world meet to practice their language skills and discuss their culture and nationalities. International Karaoke Night followed later that day. The night was fun and filled with a variety of songs, such as traditional folk songs, rap, and rock, in many different languages.

The cultural celebration ended on Saturday morning with a cultural simulation hosted by OIE and GTIA. FASET leaders participated in ACIREMA, an interactive simulation game designed to give a glimpse into the journey that international students undertake in coming to study in the United States. FASET leaders played the part of an international student from the country of Acirema and their goal was to try to make it to Georgia Tech. This simulation was intended to help train FASET leaders on how to best assist international students who will be arriving at GT in the Fall to begin their new academic programs. Many FASET leaders commented on how the simulation helped them practice communication skills, patience, and breaking difficult concepts into small manageable components. FASET leaders were able to learn firsthand about real experiences shared by members of International Ambassadors at Georgia Tech (GTIA).

We would like to thank this year's sponsors: The Office of International Education, Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain, Student Government Association, Parents Funds, and BuzzFunds.

And, we would like to give a shout out to this year's partners: African Student Association, AISEC, Brazilian Student Association, Caribbean Student Association, Chinese Student Association, Egyptian Student Association, GTIA, Hillel, Language Institute, Pakistani Student Association, Student Alumni Association, Seoulstice, Spouse Group and Vietnamese Student Association.

Monday, April 24th

Food Fest

Tech Walkway South (Skiles Walkway)
11am-food runs out (or 2pm, whichever is sooner)

Kick-off Culture Fest 2017 by attending Food Fest.  There is no better way to experience another culture than through food. Attendees of International Food Fest will have the opportunity to try dishes from around the world prepared by GT student cultural/diversity organizations for free.

Co-hosted with: African Student Association, Brazilian Student Association, Caribbean Student Association, Chinese Student Association, Hillel, Seoulstice, Pakistani Student Association, Vietnamese Student Association

Questions?: Chase Harvey,

Check out the International Food Fest Digital Cookbook for recipes for some of the dishes served at Food Fest 2015.

Tuesday, April 4th

International Game Night

Indoor Session: Room 301, Student Center
Outdoor Session: Instructional Center Lawn
Time: 5pm-7pm

Come test your game skills and cultural knowledge at International Game Night. Participants will play for bragging rights. Light refreshments provided. There will be both indoor and outdoor sessions!

PS: We will be co-hosting the Kite Festival with PSA again this year.

Co-hosted with: AIESEC, Caribbean Student Association, Egyptian Student Association, Pakistani Student Association

Questions?: Jacob Jeevan,

Wednesday, April 5th

Arts & Crafts Night

Tech Rec, Student Center 1st floor
Time: 6pm-8pm

Come try you hand at making some unique arts & crafts! We will also be co-hosting OIE Coffee Hour with other cultural clubs. Take a break from your classes/lab work and come meet new friends with us. Light refreshments and cookies will be provided.

Co-hosted with: AIESEC, African Student Association, Egyptian Student Association, OIE, SAA, Spouse Group

Questions?: Aroua Gharbi,

Thursday, April 6th

International Movie Night

Student Center, Theater
Time: 6pm-8pm

Film: The Square

Come enjoy an international themed move night and experience culture through the medium of film. Light refereshments provided and discussion will take place after the film is over. 

Co-hosted with: Egyptian Student Association  

Questions?: Aroua Gharbi,

Friday, April 7th

International Karaoke Night

Under the Couch, Student Center 2nd floor
Time: 6pm-8pm

Come and sing your heart out to your favorite songs, international or otherwise, at Under the Couch. Bring your friends and enjoy their attempts to sing like Shakira or their favorite K-Pop group!
Co-hosted with: GTIA, Seoulstice
Questions?: Aroua Gharbi,


Language Café

O'Keefe Building 151 6th Street NW (Corner of Techwood Drive and 6th Street)
Time: 1pm
Language Institute, Biltmore Location (rain location)
Take a Global Journey and explore culture through conversation!
Be sure to stop by the Language Café to learn about the cultures, countries, and languages represented at the Georgia Tech Language Institute.  Have your name written in Chinese, Japanese or Arabic!  Learn the basic greetings from the many different countries represented while experiencing their unique music and dance. Come and taste different coffees, teas, soft drinks and snacks from around the world. Everything is free!  For more information, please contact Adria Motiwalla at


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Food fest


Game Night


Arts and Crafts

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