Financial Document Requirements

OIE Financial Document Requirements

1) Must be less than 6 months old at the time the I-20 or DS-2019 is issued 
2) Written in English, or accompanied by official translation
3) Required elements of bank letters or bank statements
4) Type of acceptable bank accounts: All funds must be liquid
5) Sponsor Letter: when funds from someone other than the individual are included
6) When submitting multiple accounts, a cover letter should be included

1) Must be less than 6 months old at the time the I-20 or DS-2019 is issued 

Statements and Letters issued more than 6 months from the date of issuance will be denied

2) Written in English

All financial documents must be written in English. If they are not, they must be accompanied by an official notarized translation.

3) Proof of Funds

Bank Letter & Statement

4) Type of acceptable bank accounts -- All funds must be liquid

**When submitting multiple accounts, a summary coversheet is needed to give an overview of financial documents submitted. See #6 for an example

5) Sponsor Letter (if needed)

If the student is not using a personal bank account in their name, a Sponsor Letter needs to accompany the third party bank account information. A Sponsor Letter template can be found here.

Sponsor Letters must include:

  • Name of bank account holder
  • Date of the letter was written
  • Relationship to the student
  • Statement of financial commitment from the account holder.
  • Handwritten, original signature - no typed/electronic signatures will be accepted
6) Multiple accounts

When submitting multiple accounts, a summary coversheet is needed. This will allow ISSS and the visa officer to go through each document using the cover letter as a checklist to verify each account 

We do not need to see transaction histories, please only submit summary documents, submitting many pages will delay the process.

  • Cover letters must include:
    • Name of bank account holde​r
    • Date of issuance
    • Type of accounts (see #2 for acceptable account types)
    • Total available balances held by each account holder

Example cover letter
"The following documents provide the financial summary for $_________(total amount) 

page 1: Sponsor Letter from (sponsor name)
page 2: "XYZ Bank" (name of bank): Name on account, Account type, Total available, Date issued, etc. "


New Students or Transfer Students
Incoming students who need an I-20 or DS-2019 issued by Georgia Tech MUST WAIT to receive an email from with a link to an e-form to upload Financial Documents in iStart.

***Office of Undergraduate Admissions will initiate this process for UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS
***Graduate Coordinators in academic departments will initiate this process for GRADUATE STUDENTS

New Scholars or Student Interns
New scholars or student interns will submit financial information to their host department, who will submit it to iStart. All communication regarding financial documents for new scholars or student interns will be done by the department.
Continuing Students
Instructions for submitting Financial Documents will be on the e-form that you submit through iStart. Be sure to read the information on the e-form to understand how to submit your financial documents.

If you are having trouble uploading your financial documents, please see OIE's Steps on Resolving E-Form PDF Upload Issues.