Georgia Tech, including the Office of International Education (OIE), is closed December 24th - December 28th 2018, and January 1st 2019. OIE will be open on December 31st. OIE will reopen on January 2nd and ISSS will resume regular walk-in advising hours for all international students and scholars. Walk-in advising will be available on Wednesday, January 2 from 1pm- 4pm.

Last date for Fall 2018 International Students and Scholars walk-in advising:
Thursday, Dec. 20 from 1-4 p.m.

No International Students and Scholars walk-in advising available:
Friday, December 21 and Monday, December 31

If you are an international student or scholar with an emergency (not related to international student travel documents) that needs attention during the time the Institute is closed, please contact the Georgia Tech Campus Police at 404-894-2500. They will be able to connect you to the Dean of Students on duty.

See what students have to say about their International Plan experiences abroad!

Marissa McLaren


Marissa McLarenIP student
Spanish - Mechanical Engineering
Argentina and Ecuador

Julianne McCallum


Julianne McCallum IP student
French - Industrial Engineering


Gabriela Adler


Gabriela AdlerIP student
Spanish - Industrial Engineering
Spain and China/Singapore

Caroline Pietsch


Caroline PietschIP student
Spanish - Applied Linguistics and Intercultural Studies

Anna Benkeser


Anna BenkeserIP student
Spanish - International Affairs and Modern Languages
Argentina and Ecuador

Noh Jin


Noh JinIP student
Chinese - Industrial Engineering

Scott Heston


Scott HestonIP student
Spanish - Industrial Engineering

Julia Fraser


Julia FraserIP student
Spanish - Chemistry

Christian Shaheen


Christian ShaheenIP student
Spanish - International Affairs and Modern Languages
Spain, Mexico, and Ecuador

Bridget Nabb


Bridget NabbIP student
French - Biomedical Engineering
France and Germany (intern)

Emelia Funnell


Emelia FunnellIP student
Spanish - Biomedical Engineering
Spain, Mexico, and Ecuador

Sarah Drummond


Sarah Drummond IP student
French - International Affairs and Modern Languages
South Africa and France

Jackie Howell


Jackie HowellIP student
Spanish - International Affairs and Modern Languages
Argentina and Nicaragua

Charles Gan


Charles GanIP student
French - Environmental Engineering
Switzerland (study/intern)

Annabel McAtee


Annabel McAteeIP student
Spanish - Biomedical Engineering
Spain and Ireland

Isabel Newsome


Isabel NewsomeIP student
Chinese - Industrial Design