Faculty & Staff FAQs

The Global Internship Program is here to help you and your students– please contact us if you don’t find the information you need in the information below.

At Georgia Tech, the Global Internship Program (GIP) is an academic program in which students intern or co-op outside the United States, thus allowing them to develop their careers for the global job market in preparation for becoming tomorrow’s global leaders. The Global Internship Program is open to any student at Georgia Tech, undergraduate or graduate. Students can work one-to-three semesters during the fall, spring and/or summer. GIP participants build a powerful resume and develop a network of professional contacts around the world.

Since 2005, the Global Internship Program has sent over 1,300 Georgia Tech students abroad for internships in over 40 countries worldwide. Internships have taken place in a varierty of settings: industry and corporate placements; research in university labs and innovation centers; start ups; governmental agencies; non-profits; service-oriented work in developing countries; and Teaching English as a Second Language. Though this information is continuously changing and evolving each year, this chart shows where GT students interned abroad during the 2015-16 academic year.

Undergraduates are not required to gain approval from their departments to participate in a global internship, however we strongly encourage undergraduates to discuss their goals and plans with their academic advisors. Graduate students are required to have permission from their academic department to participate in a global internship. Master’s students must have this form filled out by their academic advisor and graduate coordinator.  For PhD students, we require this form to be filled out by the faculty advisor and graduate coordinator.  Additionally, GIP will ultimately consult with Graduate Studies for final approval on all PhD students.

Georgia Tech global interns are typically juniors, seniors and graduate students. However, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates students can intern abroad any time after their first two semesters; gradaute students may intern abroad after their first semester, with departmental permission. Please note that GT Alumni and students who are about to graduate are not eligible to participate in the Global Internship Program.

It depends on the company and/or country. While many internships do not require foreign language skills, they are recommended and will help students qualify for more intern/co-op opportunities.

The GIP advisor will offer guidance during the job search and make sure students know how to research opportunities. However, it is the student’s responsibility to apply and interview for available international positions. There are no guarantees that students will secure an internship abroad. Barriers to locating a job include being inflexible regarding the geographic location in which students are willing to work and/or the term in which they wish to begin working.

Yes! However, GIP must ultimately approve the company and internship abroad opportunity in order for the student to register with the Global Internship Program.  Remember that the internship must be related to the student’s major and/or career goals, must be a full-time position (at least 35 hours per week), and must meet our minimum number of weeks. 

To register for the full-time global internship course, interns must work at least fourteen weeks during a fall or spring semester, or at least ten weeks during summer session. Shorter internships (6 and 9 credit hour internship classes) are available, but are approved less frequently.

Yes, GIP students are considered full-time Georgia Tech students, as long as they register for the 12-credit global internship/co-op audit course by the end of Phase II registration.

The course is an audited course, and a letter grade is not given. A successful audit results in a designation of V on the transcript, and an unsuccessful audit results in a designation of W on the transcript. To earn a successful audit students should be sure to register for the international internship course, work the required number of weeks, and complete the required reports in CareerBuzz.

Students cannot receive financial aid or scholarships while interning abroad. However, existing scholarships are typically not impacted in future terms by interning abroad. Students interning abroad should contact the Office of Financial Planning at www.finaid.gatech.edu/ for more information about individual scholarship situations or to find out how interning abroad may impact other types of financial aid packages. 

Absolutely!  Many of our current and past interns were referred to their internship hosts by GT professors and staff.  Your connections abroad are invaluable to our students and to the Global Internship Program. You may direct any potential Global Internship host employers to the Employers section of our webpage

Georgia Tech students can work in any country, provided that it is not currently under a U.S. State Department Travel Warning. The employer should provide a detailed job description and ensure that a supervisor will oversee the student’s work and provide on-going mentoring and support.  Additionally, the internship must be related to students’ academic and professional goals and meet the minimum time and length requirements. It is strongly encouraged that Global Internship host employers provide a compensation package. This will allow the internship to be financially feasible for our students, and will help attract the best candidates. 

It will vary considerably depending on the country, company, and major of the student. Typically, employers will pay undergraduate STEM students the cost of living (housing, local food stipend and local transportation) and students must pay for their airfare to their host country. Students in non-STEM fields will likely have fewer paid options. Graduate students sometimes earn additional wages on top of cost of living and airfare. However, depending on the internship and country, salaries and other compensation are often negotiable. Some host companies who are unable to pay a regular stipend will help cover some costs, such as travel or housing. Remember that interning abroad is an investment in one's future, is an integral part of a student's education, and is a great resume builder.

We advise that recruiting take place 6-9 months before an intended start date to allow ample time for recruitment, interviewing, preparation, and visa processing.

Contact the Hannah Moon, Global Internship Advisor at hannah.moon@oie.gatech.edu to begin the process. Please also take some time to review the Employer section of our webpage