Employer - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following guidance from Georgia Tech Administration and the University System of Georgia, the Office of International Education has implemented its continuity of operations plan.  This plan moves OIE to email and other internet-based forms of communication until further notice.  When you have questions or require support, please email the following contacts:
    International Students and Scholars:  info@oie.gatech.edu
    Education Abroad:  study.abroad@gatech.edu
    For all other inquiries, please refer to the staff list:  https://oie.gatech.edu/about-us

OIE remains committed to providing excellent service to all of our stakeholders.  We look forward to working with you virtually to continue supporting Tech's global mission. We appreciate your support and understanding as we and the rest of the world respond to the current public health crisis. 

What is the Georgia Tech Global Internship Program?

The Global Internship Program facilitates overseas internships for Georgia Tech students. The Program is designed to complement a student's formal education with practical work experience in an international context. The internships are major-related work experiences that help students better understand the "real world" applications of their academic studies. Participating in the Global Internship Program requires a commitment of employment for a minimum of fourteen weeks for the fall and spring semesters, or ten weeks for the summer semester. Interns typically work for one term, with the flexibility of participating in multiple internships, and in some cases, the option to work for two consecutive terms (e.g. spring and summer or summer and fall). Full time work assignments are for a minimum of thirty five hours per week.

Can an international employer be part of the co-op program?

Yes! This program is designed for students to work and go to classes on alternating semesters for a total of six semesters. Many of our multi-national employers like to schedule the first two semesters at a location in the United States and the final work term in the international location, but all employers are welcome to schedule locations according to their needs.

How much are students paid?

We recommend that, at minimum, an offer will include a living wage appropriate to the area. A competitive offer for an in-demand major may require additional incentives such as housing and/or airfare.  In 2017, the average monthly compensation for international interns was approximately $1,400. This amount will vary based on the employer's location.

How does an employer advertise their position?

Employers may advertise their available positions on CareerBuzz, Georgia Tech's internship/co-op database. The Global Internship Program assists employers with advertising/recruiting and can help set up an on-campus info session, if desired. To get started, please complete our recruiting questionnaire

How are GT students matched with employers?

A variety of ways exist for GT students to obtain internships. Students can search for internships in CareerBuzz, GT’s internship database, as well as search for them through their own networks. Internships found through different channels may be registered with the Global Internship Program as long as they fulfill our basic criteria. An advantage of an employer being partnered with the Global Internship Program is that our staff can help target and promote your positions. The actual interviewing and hiring is conducted directly between the host comany and the student. 

How do prospective interns interview for employment?

Most often, international employers will set up a phone or Skype interview with their top candidates. Employer representatives are welcome to come to campus to recruit and interview interns. These visits often coincide with the Institute's Career Fair (September), German Day Career Fair (October), or the Co-op/Internship Fair (January), but can take place at any time. This is great way to raise a company profile and meet prospective interns in person. 

What skills and traits are employers seeking in the interns they hire?

Most international employers are seeking candidates with academic excellence, good communication skills, maturity, motivation, and flexibility. In addition, many look for previous international experience, previous work experience (such as a domestic co-op or internship or on-campus research), and foreign language skills. 

What languages are taught at Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech offers instruction in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.  For more information, click here.

Can an international student interning in their home country register with the Global Internship Program?

Yes, as long as the internship/co-op fulfills the Global Internship criteria.

How does a student get a visa to work in my country?

Every country has its own laws and requirements. Students are responsible for obtaining and completing the necessary paperwork for a visa, however, employers must be able to provide proof of employment and to complete what is necessary in their role as sponsor. The students maintain their full-time status while interning, which often helps with their visa status. The Global Internship Program staff assist when needed and can provide needed documentation as well. 

How many work terms do students work?

Students have the flexibility to participate in multiple internships provided satisfactory academic progress is made and all requirements of the Global Internship Program are satisfied. Many international employers prefer to have students for consecutive semesters.

Where can students work?

Georgia Tech students can work in any country, provided that it is not currently under a U.S. State Department Travel Warning, and provided that the student can obtain the necessary work permit or visa.

Are there fees for employers to participate?

No. This program is designed as a service to the student for their global professional development and to expand Georgia Tech’s global connections.

What do students do about housing when they go to work?

Students typically receive assistance from their employers to find temporary, short term housing. Some employers also provide intern housing. Ultimately, the student is responsible for securing their housing. 

Who makes travel arrangements for students to and from their work locations?

Assistance is available from some employers, but students should be prepared to make their own arrangements.

What is the Recruitment timeline for hiring a Georgia Tech Intern?