Andrew Yi

What year are you and what do you study?

Freshmen, Mechanical Engineering

Who is/was your employer?

École des ponts ParisTech

How did you learn about your internship?

My Vertically Integrated Program (VIP Research) Research Professor introduced the opportunity to me after I had asked her to be a reference for other internship applications. She reasonably and politely declined to be a reference as I had asked after roughly a month of doing work with her and only meeting once a week; but informed me of other summer internship opportunities.

What was the application process like?

I talked to my professor who had previously sent students and we worked out potential research goals for the summer. The application process was extremely informal due to a lack of applicants which was surprising, but very simple overall after being informed of the opportunity.

What were your major tasks or projects at this internship?

The goal of my internship was to further research done by my predecessor, Cheng. Last summer he simulated damage in salt caverns based off of certain boundary conditions and included viscous strain in his calculations to accommodate for damage. However he did not include the accumulation of damage over time and only calculated the viscous strain at a certain point in time, my internship's goal was to perform simulations similar to his with damage accumulation included within the code. The simulations on the caverns included testing the impact of cavern shape, cyclic loading frequency and amplitudes, cyclic loading specifically on circular caverns, and lastly temperature gradients. I completed the first three objectives but did not have time to finish the last one.

Do you have any recommendations for Georgia Tech students looking to intern in the same company or country?

To intern at Ecole Des Ponts ParisTech, talk to the Geotech professors at Georgia Tech and try and do research for them. The two schools exchange students in order to build potential future research relationships.

Where did you live? Did you find accomodations independently or with your company's help?

There is an international residence apartment complex 3 minutes away (walking time).

How has this internship influenced your career path?

It has provided helpful insight into academia as a career path and will play a crucial role in deciding what career I pursue after I get some other experience.

If paid, did the company you worked for pay you enough to live off of your salary or stipend, or did you have to supplement your income with personal funds?

I was reimbursed for rent and food was paid for, I spent personal funds on travel during the weekends, but mostly it was paid for (reimbursable)