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OIE serves students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders with a hybrid approach that includes both virtual and in-person services.  While most services are provided virtually, some matters require in-person meetings. When meeting in-person is required, an OIE staff member will contact you directly to schedule a mutually agreeable day and time for the meeting. OIE is respecting social distancing and cleaning protocols as described in “Tech Moving Forward”. 

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Q: Who made the decision to cancel Spring and Summer international programs and why?

A: Following travel restrictions put in place by the Federal Government on March 11, 2020, President Ángel Cabrera instructed the Office of International Education to recall all students abroad and made the decision to cancel all upcoming summer study abroad, Georgia Tech-Lorraine, international internships, exchange programs and Georgia Tech-sponsored international curricular and co-curricular travel programs.

Q: When will I receive answers to all my questions and concerns about my cancelled summer program?

A: The Office of International Education (OIE) is working to address immediate concerns, with our first priority being to help students recalled from spring programs abroad. We know that students, parents, faculty, and staff are all anxious for news and decisions related to summer program cancellations and the path forward. OIE is working to provide support and is seeking guidance from campus leadership and campus partners to assist students with questions related to financial impact, financial aid, academic progression, registration, and other concerns. 

Q: Will I get a refund? 

A: Each program is reviewing contractual obligations and payments already made for programs. Faculty and staff will make every effort to recover funds from vendors. If you have paid fees that your program is able to have returned to Georgia Tech, then you will receive a full or partial refund. If you have not paid program fees, yet your program is obligated to pay those fees, then you may be billed for them. It will take time for each program to work with vendors. Everyone is working to minimize, to the extent possible, the impact on students of program cancellations. Information regarding program cancellation and financial loss can be found in section 8 of the Study Abroad Risk and Release Waiver.

Q: Will I be able to register for courses if I have unpaid study abroad program fees?

A. While programs are reviewing the possibility of a refund, students who have unpaid study abroad fees on their account will not have a registration hold. Students impacted by summer study abroad cancellations may begin registering for courses, based on their time ticket, when registration opens on March 23, 2020. Programs will review contractual obligations and notify students no later than May 1, 2020 if they will be refunded or obligated to pay program fees.

Q. Will Georgia Tech cover my financial loss for airfare?

A:  No, Georgia Tech will not cover the loss of personal expenses including airfare. We recommend that you contact the airline to request a refund or a credit.

Q. Can I keep my scholarship? 

A. This response is only for the scholarships for which OIE selects recipients. For other scholarships, you need to contact the scholarship administrator. 

For Spring 2020 OIE study abroad scholarship recipients, scholarship decisions are being handled on a case-by-case basis. Summer 2020 OIE study abroad scholarships have not been awarded and the scholarship offers will be rescinded. We strongly encourage students to study abroad in the future. If you were selected to receive a Summer 2020 scholarship and choose to study abroad later in your undergraduate career as part of an eligible program and if you remain eligible, OIE will reinstate your study abroad scholarship. Fall 2020 scholarship applicants received notification of the status of their applications on March 16, 2020.

Q. Do I have to repay my financial aid?

A. For spring 2020 financial aid recipients, this is being handled on a case-by-case basis. For Summer 2020 students, financial aid (including OIE Scholarships) won’t be disbursed to student accounts until the semester that student studies abroad. As a result, no financial aid has disbursed yet as the disbursement date is May 7, 2020. Summer 2020 scholarships will be rescinded and will not show up on student’s accounts. Summer 2020 financial aid packages will depend on the cost of attendance (see Financial Aid). For Fall 2020 students, Financial Aid (including OIE Scholarships) will disburse according to the Bursar’s Calendar. OIE Scholarships will follow the normal disbursal process for Fall 2020 programs.

Q. I have been negatively impacted financially by program cancellations, how can Georgia Tech support me?

A. The Division of Student Life, the Alumni Association, and the Office of Development are partnering to collect and distribute emergency funding through the Georgia Tech Parents Fund and Roll Call to support students in need. For more information, https://news.gatech.edu/2020/03/23/student-emergency-funding-now-available.

Q: I am a fall 2020 program abroad participant, is my program cancelled?

A: Fall programs are scheduled to operate as planned. The COVID-19 Task Force is monitoring the situation closely, the current information available does not advise cancellation of programs planned for fall semester.

Q. Will my study abroad courses be offered online in Summer 2020?

A. Many classes that were going to be offered abroad will instead be offered online in Summer 2020. To see if your course(s) will be offered, students should utilize OSCAR self-service to search for the classes.  Some of the classes were always scheduled to be offered on-campus this summer, and are moving to an on-line format since there will not be any instruction on the Atlanta campus this summer.  Some other classes that were going to be offered abroad have been moved to an on-line format specifically to make sure they are available to students who had planned to study abroad.  For those classes, they all have the attributes SASU = Study Abroad UG remote or SASM = Study Abroad UG remote Mod Lan, and you can use those attributes to search for the classes in OSCAR.  SASM is utilized specifically for Modern Language courses. 

Q. I am an out-of-state student who was previously registered for a faculty-led study abroad program or GT-Lorraine for Summer 2020.  Will I be able to pay the same tuition rate for Summer 2020 classes offered through the Atlanta campus' remote/online formats?

A. For Out-of-State students previously registered for Study Abroad or GTL for Summer 2020, the Institute will be able to honor the study abroad or GTL tuition rate for non-residents.  Please visit www.summer.gatech.edu for more information and to register for summer classes.  And, please read the official announcement: Link to Announcement

Important Contact Details:

Office of International Education: study.abroad@gatech.edu

Office of Financial Aid: finaid@gatech.edu

Study Abroad Program Directors and Coordinators: https://oie.gatech.edu/ea/study-abroad-contacts

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