Re-Entry & Adjustment

Even though you’re back at Tech, we’re still here for you!

Returning home from study abroad is an important part of the overall experience. It is perfectly natural to have difficulty adjusting to your life back in the U.S. 

The following are some ways to help you move through “reverse cultural adjustment” and become involved in your community using your enthusiasm for activities that have an international component:

Talk with people who understand

  • Attend an OIE Re-Entry Event: Coming home from a summer, semester or year abroad can be as trying as acclimating to a new culture. We understand and OIE is here to help! Our re-entry series allows students to reflect on their time abroad, meet others who had a similar experience and figure out just how to integrate your study abroad experience back at Tech and beyond! Contact Meghan Penland for more information.
  • Seek out other international travelers who may have their own story of adjustment
  • Keep in touch with the friends you made while abroad.

Share your experience with eager listeners

  • Apply to become a Study Abroad Peer Advisor: Peer advisors play a critical role in promoting study abroad to Georgia Tech’s students. They help OIE at campus events throughout the academic year, mentor fellow students interested in specific programs, and help develop promotional materials. Peer advisors gain public speaking, leadership, and creative marketing experience.
  • Volunteer at our annual Study Abroad Fair: Email study abroad for more information.
  • Enter the annual OIE Photo Contestwin awesome prizes and see your photo featured in OIE publications.
  • Incorporate your new found knowledge into your academic experience by choosing projects that have an international focus or component.

Incorporate your international experience into your career search

Maintain your sense of humor

  • Remember the attitudes that helped you get through the difficult times abroad. The same flexibility can help you navigate the ambiguity of reverse culture shock. It is a transition, and an important learning experience. Use this time to build relationships, and interests that fit your new knowledge about yourself.

Stay global at GT

  • Attend events during International Education Week each November.
  • Join an internationally focused club or organization on campus. If you’re not sure about joining one, why not just attend a sponsored event?
  • Give back to your new global community by volunteering with local organizations that provide aid and support to internationals.
  • Live in the I-House: a learning community located in the 4th Street Apartments housing both international students and students from the US with an interest in international issues.  The community hold events year-round including dinners, movies, and lectures.
  • Attend the Georgia International Leadership Conference (GILC): GILC is an annual event that usually takes place early in the Spring semester.  This is a great venue for meeting international students studying at different colleges and universities throughout the state, as well as sharing stories and experiences with other U.S. students who have studied abroad.  A service project kicks off the 3-day conference, followed by student- and faculty-led sessions on varying topics with international components, food, and fun.
  • Polish your foreign language skills: don’t lose all those great language skills you may have developed abroad. Keep practicing, read magazines and books written in a foreign language, or add some language courses to your curriculum next semester.

Study/Intern/or Research Abroad again!

  • Use those cross-cultural skills on another Study Abroad program. Did you do a summer program? Maybe it’s time to try an Exchange.
  • Employers are looking for individuals with the skills and experience developed by international experience. Check out the Global Internship Program for opportunities to intern or co-op abroad
  • Did you even know you can conduct research abroad for credit? Study Abroad knows no boundaries!