Peer Advisors


Want to ask a student who's already been abroad? 

Click on their pictures to get their bio and email address. Don't be shy: they're here for you and asking them a question would absolutely make their day!  

Peer Advisors are returned education abroad students who participated in an exchange program, faculty-led program, global internship, or a combination of the three. Many of the Peer Advisors are also part of the International Plan. Peer Advisors play a critical role in promoting study abroad to Georgia Tech’s students and gain public speaking, leadership, and creative experience. They help OIE at campus events throughout the academic year, provide an invaluable student perspective on abroad programs, and help develop marketing materials.

*Think you might want to become a Peer Advisor? We're currently accepting applications for fall 2019 - apply today!

Zivan Bholai    Christian Brice    Madi Crymes  

Emma Hamilton         

 Bridget Lee    Katriella Lumbantobing     Lane McAree

Ariana Morgan     Timothy Purvis     Johanna Tomkiewicz






Interested in becoming a Peer Advisor?

If you feel passionately about study abroad and want to play a larger role in the international education community at Georgia Tech, you should apply to become a Peer Advisor. Being a Peer Advisor is a minimum two semester commitment and Peer Advisors have certain duties they must fulfill. For example, they help out at campus events like the Study Abroad Fair, share their international experiences with fellow students, and help develop marketing materials and strategies across multiple platforms.

We're currently accepting applications for fall 2019 - apply today!