Faculty-Led Programs


  1. Please ensure that you have submitted all post-decision requirements through the Atlas Study Abroad Portal by their posted due dates.
  2. Review the Faculty-led Study Abroad PowerPoint Presentation, which provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding eligibility, registration, payments, financial aid, and health and safety.
  3. Visit your study abroad program’s website. To locate this, search for your program here.
  4. Review program costs. Remember that tuition is not included in program fees. Also, program fees do not necessarily cover all meals and transportation. Program Estimated Program Costs can be found on the program page in Atlas
  5. Understand your program’s cancellation policy. If you opt to withdraw, you must notify OIE and your program director via email.
  6. Ensure your passport is valid for travel. If you will need a visa for travel, begin the application process. Submit your passport information through Atlas.
  7. Complete the Mandatory Online OIE Pre-Departure Orientation and Assessment through Atlas
  8. Attend your program-specific orientation(s). Check with your Program Director for scheduling.
  9. Have you registered your location with the Department of State? U.S. citizens should register with the Department of State using the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).