2017 Photo Contest Winners

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  • (LEFT) Dalton Touchberry, 'The Bubble Man' - GT-Lorraine (France); Innsbruck, Austria: "Walking through the streets of Innsbruck, we happened upon this man, standing in the city square with his bubble contraption. I couldn't miss capturing this moment - with the city and alps in the background and this guy with his bubbles in the foreground, it felt so surreal! For a moment I'm sure I felt just like the kids running around through his bubbles." Winner - Best Cultural Experience (Education Abroad)
  • (RIGHT) Gulshan Kumar, 'Future Reflecting History' - BC in the UK Summer Program; Glasgow, Scotland: "While roaming around the city of Glasgow, An interesting angle was created between my camera, and these couple of buildings. Subject of the image was a modern building with totally covered by reflecting façade. But history never leave anything without its impression. Alongside was an ancient church building leaving an perfect blend of future and past within the same frame. Loved it." Winner - Best Metro/Urban (ISSS)


  • (LEFT, below) Olivia Lodise, 'Palace of Natural Art' - Chinese LBAT; Guilin, China: "Guilin's Reed Flute Cave was only rediscovered not long ago when the Chinese were hiding from the Japanese. This cave not only provided refuge, but peace. Its beauty is enhanced by colorful lights that also reflect in the water." Winner - Best Landscape (Education Abroad)
  • (RIGHT, below) Soon Ong, 'Not Studying Here!' - Oxford Summer Program; Venice, Italy: "This photo was taken at Libreria Acqua Alta, a bookstore in Venice, Italy. This peculiar bookstore keeps its books in boats and bathtubs to prevent them from being damaged by Venice's constant flooding. A tall stack of books at the back of the store is a great place for photo opportunities." Winner - Best Ramblin' Abroad (ISSS)


  • (LEFT, below) Ruthvik Chandrasekaran, 'Fourth of July Fireworks' - Atlanta, GA. “Being my first time in the USA on a 4th of July, I was curious to find out how it was celebrated. I started looking for interesting things to do in Atlanta and found out about the fireworks at Centennial Olympic Park. I showed up with a couple of friends to witness one of the best display of fireworks I have seen up close. It was so spectacular that I almost forgot to click this image.” Winner - Best Cultural Experience (ISSS)
  • (RIGHT, below) Pooja Rao, 'Stairways to Heaven' - Dazhi, China: "Relatively devoid of tourists, these remote rice terraces in the Longsheng region were built between the 1200s and 1900s, during Yuan and Qing dynasties and are an amazing example of the hard work of the Chinese people." Winner - Best Landscape (ISSS)


  • (LEFT, below) Samuel Stewart, 'Amsterdam Pillow Fight' - GT-Lorraine (France); Amsterdam, Netherlands: "You never know what you will stumble upon while walking through a new city. A giant pillow fight is just one of the many possibilities. This pillow fight, that sent feathers flying and strewn everywhere, was part of an animals' rights demonstration." Winner - Best Metro/Urban (Education Abroad)
  • (RIGHT, below) Tyler Talbot, 'Buzz and the best Henge in Britain' - ChBE in London Summer Program; Stonehenge, England: "Buzz went wherever we went in the United Kingdom, even to what's known worldwide to be one of the finest henges ever constructed by human(?) hands." Winner - Best Ramblin' Abroad (Education Abroad)


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