Why Host an Intern from Georgia Tech?

Connecting you with the talent needed for global success  . .

Whether you are a logistics firm looking for efficiencies in the Panama Canal Zone, an aerospace company with engineers from multiple countries or a top university whose research knows no national boundaries, you need the talent that can work in the highly-skilled, global workplace.

You can find those future employees through the Georgia Tech Global Internship Program.

Globally ranked as one of the best universities in Engineering with excellent programs in Business, the Sciences and International Affairs, Georgia Tech produces career-centered individuals who are able to provide meaningful skill sets comparable to your best new hires. The students in the Global Internship Program are prepared to be part of the global workforce and bring the technical skills you need as well as the professional mindset and flexibility needed to work internationally.

By recruiting interns/co-ops from Georgia Tech you are able to:

  • Employ highly motivated students from one of the top 10 public universities in the United States
  • Work with students who have a global perspective, foreign language proficiency, and expertise in their field
  • Create a pipeline of potential employees in a low-cost, low-risk scenario
  • Remain competitive in the market by hiring student employees who bring innovative approaches and fresh perspectives to your business
  • Establish an important link and mutually beneficial relationship between your organization and Georgia Tech
  • Gain visibility among top engineering students
  • Internationalize your workplace by hosting foreign interns with diverse backgrounds
  • Post positions at no cost in Georgia Tech job management system, CareerBuzz