F-1 and J-1 Student Insurance Information

Georgia Tech, including the Office of International Education (OIE), is closed December 24th - December 28th 2018, and January 1st 2019. OIE will be open on December 31st. OIE will reopen on January 2nd and ISSS will resume regular walk-in advising hours for all international students and scholars. Walk-in advising will be available on Wednesday, January 2 from 1pm- 4pm.

Last date for Fall 2018 International Students and Scholars walk-in advising:
Thursday, Dec. 20 from 1-4 p.m.

No International Students and Scholars walk-in advising available:
Friday, December 21 and Monday, December 31

If you are an international student or scholar with an emergency (not related to international student travel documents) that needs attention during the time the Institute is closed, please contact the Georgia Tech Campus Police at 404-894-2500. They will be able to connect you to the Dean of Students on duty.

Even receiving minor medical care in the U.S. is expensive.   In order to keep unexpected costs involved with receiving medical care in the U.S. for a sickness or emergency low, all Georgia Tech F and J visa holders are required to have health insurance. Georgia Tech students will see the insurance premium for the "mandatory" plan assessed to their student account each semester of enrollment in classes.  Upon arrival to the U.S., J Exchange Visitors are eligible to enroll in the "voluntary plan" available to the Georgia Tech students and scholars not required to enrolled in the mandatory plan.

F & J Mandatory Student Insurance

OIE strongly encourages all F and J students to visit the Stamps Health Services site that has the most current information on GT Student Blue plan administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Each semester F and J students are enrolled, the insurance premium will be applied to the student account. Students will then either need to complete the on-line enrollment process or on-line waiver process to expedite the insurance ID card mailing or ensure the insurance premium charge is removed from the student account. A list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding eligibility, price, plan coverage, and instructions on how to apply for a waiver of the insurance is also available on the Stamps Health Services. If you have questions about insurance claims, please contact:
Jennifer White, Medical Billing Supervisor, Student Health Services, at: jennifer.white@health.gatech.edu

The insurance waiver site is located at: www.studentinsurance.com

The waiver process is facilitated by Blue Cross Blue Shield, so if you have questions, contact the company directly.

J Visiting Scholar and J Student Intern Insurance

Each J Scholar or J Student Intern is responsible for finding an insurance plan that meets the Department of State requirements and will cover the J-1 and any J-2 dependents for the entire period of stay in the U.S. If you decide topurchase an insurance policy in your home country prior to arrival, you must be prepared to provide a copy of the policy summary in English in order to complete the J check-in with the OIE and have your J-1 record validated.

Exchange Visitors who do not provide evidence of health insurance in the check-in process, will be sent a link to an on-line enrollment form to begin enrollment in the voluntary plan available to Georgia Tech students. The insurance can be purchased up front for a minimum of two months and then renewed monthly for the full period of the J Exchange Program.

Questions about enrolling in the voluntary plan or the monthly premiums should be directed to info@oie.gatech.edu

Detailed information about the voluntary plan including a summary of benefits can be viewed from the insurance section of the Stamps Health Services site.