Applications are submitted online.

Supporting materials, including Online Program Deposit, Academic Transcripts and required forms, should be turned in to the Office of International Education.

For more complete information, review the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Application Instructions.

Application processing does not begin until after October 1st each year.  If you applied between August and October 1st, you should wait until after October 15th to inquire about your status. 

After October 1st, students can expect to hear from OIE approximately 2.5 weeks from the date that the application was completed.  OIE will send, to the e-mail provided in your application, an e-mail message informing you of your status.

YES! If you do not attend ALL of the required meetings and turn in all of the required forms before your program begins, you will not be allowed to participate. Additionally, if you fall out of academic good standing, or if you fall out of good standing with the Office of Student Affairs anytime after your acceptance to a program, you will no longer be allowed to participate.  If this is the case, you are still responsible for all of your program fees.

Participating in a GT study abroad program means that you will be interacting with your Program Director/Coordinator and with the Office of International Education (OIE).

The chart below offers some examples of the sort of questions you might direct to each.

TUITION should be paid to the Bursar's Office, just as it is for on-campus study.

PROGRAM FEES should also be paid to the Bursar's Office. Your Program Director will be able to answer questions about what is included in your program fees.

Please note that Program Fees do not cover tuition.

Each program lists their main contact on the web. 

In order to be eligible to study abroad on any GT faculty-led program, OIE requires you to complete 2 meetings:

  1. Mandatory Prep Meeting: Part One (ONLINE) 
  2. Mandatory Prep Meeting: Part Two 

Contact your Program Director to find out if there are other program-specific meetings that you're required to attend.

All accepted students are required to submit the Assumption of Risk and Release form to OIE. Your Program Director will require you to turn in additional forms specific to your program.

NO. Once your program begins, you will not be able to withdraw from any of your classes.

You should contact your Program Director to find out about any visa requirements for your program.  If you are an international student, there is a good chance you will need to research what citizens from your country need to do to obtain the appropriate visas.


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