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OIE serves students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders with a hybrid approach that includes both virtual and in-person services.  While most services are provided virtually, some matters require in-person meetings. When meeting in-person is required, an OIE staff member will contact you directly to schedule a mutually agreeable day and time for the meeting. OIE is respecting social distancing and cleaning protocols as described in “Tech Moving Forward”. 

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Georgia Tech is strongly invested in helping everyone in its community remain safe and healthy, and is committed to providing resources to students who need them. Please find information below about the following services:

Health Insurance

All F-1 and J-1 students are required to have health insurance for the duration of their time at Georgia Tech. All international students will be enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR) student health insurance plan mandated by the University System of Georgia. For more information, see the Stamps Heath Center insurance website. Charges for the student health insurance will be automatically added to your bursar account.

  • If you wish to purchase an alternative comparable insurance and apply for a health insurance waiver, you may do so. However, please remember that health care without insurance is extremely expensive in the United States and you should purchase a level of coverage to protect you in case of any health needs that may arise while you are in the United States. The insurance waiver process is facilitated by UHSCR, so if you have questions please contact them directly.
  • If you have a dependent spouse or children with you in the U.S., they can be added to your UHCSR plan
  • Questions about insurance claims should be sent to: Jennifer White, Medical Billing Supervisor, Student Health Services,

Required Immunizations

It is highly recommended that you obtain all required immunizations before beginning at Georgia Tech. For information about required immunizations and how to provide documentation to Georgia Tech, please see the Stamps Health Center websites about Immunization Requirements and Immunization FAQs.

Health Services @ Georgia Tech

A variety of health services are available on campus to Georgia Tech students and their spouses/domestic partners.  The student health fee allows students to access services at Stamps Health Services.  Spouses of students can been treated at Stamps Health Services if they pay the Health Fee, but children can not be treated at Stamps Health Services.

Note: The student health fee is not health insurance; health insurance is provided by UnitedHealthcare and is a separate, mandatory expense.

  • Stamps Health Services: Stamps provides a number of services to students including primary care, immunizations (including those needed for travel outside the U.S.), STI testing, laboratory and x-ray services, and a women's health clinic. The Stamps Health Services Pharmacy offers prescription and non-prescription (over the counter) medications at competitive prices. Dependent children of students cannot be treated at Stamps Health Services. For a full listing of services offered at the Stamps Health Center, please see their website at
  • Tech Dentistry: Tech Dentistry is a full-service independent dental provider located inside Stamps Health Services. Dental coverage is provided in the UHCSR student health insurance plan.

Mental Health Services

Georgia Tech students may access many mental health related resources to help them succeed academically and personally.  All service providers adhere to strict confidentiality regulations.  Students who are experiencing difficulties are encouraged to contact these services.

  • Georgia Tech Counseling Center: The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed psychologists, counselors, and marriage and family therapists, as well as pre-doctoral interns and graduate practicum students.  Services include individual counseling, group and couples counseling, assessment, crisis intervention, and outreach programming.  Group therapy sessions are facilitated by a clinician and focus on a variety of student populations and issues.  Recent offerings include groups for international students, spouses/partners of international students, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) students, students of color, students experiencing grief or loss, students writing doctoral dissertations, and men’s and women’s groups. 
  • Stamps Psychiatry Services: Offer general psychiatric services to eligible undergraduate and graduate students and their spouses.  This includes psychiatric evaluations and medication management for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and other mental health issues.
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